28 February 2006

Collapse of Section 3 Kota Damansara Water Retention Pond Compounded Sunday's 26.2.2006 Flood at Shah Alam

Two hours of unusually heavy rainfall since 3:30am on Sunday 26 Feb 2006 has resulted in Sungai Damansara overflowing its banks and waters flooded 3,000 houses in Shah Alam. 9,015 people were evecuated.

In many places, flood water hovered around 1m high. It rose to about 2.3m in a few areas, almost reaching the roof of single storey houses.

The authorities blamed the massive flood on unpredictable "mother nature"; convergence of winds from the South China Sea and Indian Ocean at the Straits of Malacca - a rare occurrence, clogged drains, shallow rivers due to siltation caused by upstream development, etc

Listen to our story and examine the photographic evidence...

we have posted to this blog, one UNREPORTED and UNNOTICED but jaw dropping root cause to this problem that has compounded Sunday's flood situation....

The collapse of bund structure - a 40 acres water retention pond at Section 3 Kota Damansara... has resulted in water volume equals to 10 to 15 feet of water depth multiply by 40 acres water body gushed out from a broken bank of the water retention pond to low lying areas in Subang and Shah Alam area... compounded the flood situation.

This 40 acres pond was dried-up within hours!

This serves to remind PKNS's arrogant town planner, Cik Norzila and the Selangor State government the importance of this water retention pond to mitigate flood in low lying areas, downstream of this water retention pond.

To begin with, look at this map...

Self-explanatory satellite map showing the flow of Sungai Damansara into Section 3 Kota Damansara water retention pond.

This water retention pond at Section 3 Kota Damansara is located along Jalan Teknologi, Kota Damansara, directly infront of Sekolah Sri KDU, next to Damansara Indah Resort Homes Zone 2.

Source : Google Map

Interestingly, PKNS the land owner of this 40 acres water retention pond, MPPJ, MB Selangor, ADUN Kota Damansara... even JPS Selangor are of the opinion that it's perfectly okay to reduce this water retention pond by 10.2 acres, to make way for over 1,000 units - 6 blocks of apartment and commercial buildings, to be built on this 10.2 acres reclaimed land from this retention pond.

More interestingly, this water retention pond and its surrounding strips of land were actually been zoned for water retention and recreational purposes, under the Kota Damansara Master Plan.

It's indeed puzzling, the Selangor State government would allow the change of land-use and reduction of the water retention pond for this purpose.

Here's the million dollar question...

Would the reduced water retention pond, by about 25% later, able to cope with another rare occurrence of unusually heavy down pour?

If the answer is a definite YES, please don't blame it on mother nature again... when she strikes!

I am sure the engineers of JPS, PKNS, MPPJ etc can justify their decision to reduce this retention pond by 10.2 acres by complicated engineering calculations to prove its compliance to minimum standards and requirements as laid down by specific laws or guidelines.

Yes, it complied on paper but... "tak boleh pakai!"

I would like to bring to your attention one REAL incident...

During a dialogue session between Damansara Indah residents, ADUN Kota Damansara, developer of this proposed project SEGI and PKNS - the land owner, over this proposed project, PKNS Senior Manager of Town Planning Cik Norzila pointed her finger at a Damansara Indah resident and gave her "guarantee" that according to her town planning expertise and engineering calculations, she can "guarantee" that there will be no flood downstream for the next 100 years.

Such arrogance and disrespect to mother nature of a town planner is indeed very worrying...

To prove Cik Norzila wrong, dead wrong... mother nature has caused massive flood in low-lying areas in Shah Alam within 100 days of her declaration that "there will be no flood in the next 100 years".

Her town planning expertise and engineering calculations... no matter how good it shows on paper has proven to fail and failed miserably, within merely 100 days! I dread what's going to happen in the next 100 years.

Back to reduction of the said water retention pond by 25%, ie, 10.2 acres out of the total 40 acres,

Do you think MB Selangor, JPS Selangor, PKNS, MPPJ, ADUN Kota Damansara... are making wise decision in allowing this water retention pond be reclaimed by 10.2 acres or 25% so as to enable 6 blocks of 25 story apartment to be built on it?

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At April 07, 2006 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So many opinions about this development at Kota Damansara.
This also from people who claim to be professionals and claim to have knowledge about engineering.
If one were to go to the so-called natural retention pond, one would be appalled at the state of the existing retention pond. The area in concern has been left unattended to for many a years and is full of mud and un-kept landscape.
The retention pond at its present state is non functional, this is perhaps why the authorities have agreed to allow PKNS to undertake the construction of a functional retention pond and to beautify the area into a recreational wetland lake.
Kota Damansara is 3000 acres in area and there are numerous retention ponds at section 7, 8 & 9.
There are further retention ponds in section 5& 6 that pick up catchment areas of sec 10 & 11.
There is a major retention pond in section 1 at the Sri-Selangor Golf Club with its channel, which also act as retention pond. All these together with the proposed section 2 retention pond, which is to be functional, add up to the requirement of the developed areas.
The proposed retention pond itself in section 2 is 34 acres and it will be done in accordance to DID standards.
The pond went dry because of erosion at the temporary outlet structure and not because it is unable to cater for the rain fall during the pass few months.
This is the little knowledge that people who contribute to this web have for if they open their eyes and realize that if the retention pond has been constructed in accordance to DID standards it will be functional and not an un-kept landscape area.
This erosion that occurred at the temporary outlet structure drained the pond, which can at this moment only have 1.0-1.5 meters of water. The flooding that occurred in Shah Alam and Batu Tiga was due to other contributing factors.
Blatantly pointing the finger to PKNS is wrong and it deviates from the good intention PKNS has in wanting to develop the section 2 said land.

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